Klychko says power mops up country

10.12.2013 14:30

The power mops up the country. After the purge of government quarter, they showed how the country would do if someone dares to disagree with the authorities, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said at a press briefing at the National Resistance headquarters.

"They want to clean out the will of the people in the same way they mopped up the government quarter, so that no one dare to go out and freely express their position and demands. The government says that pickets supposedly create inconvenience to residents of the quarter, but they create discomfort themselves as now instead of peaceful pickets there are soldiers of internal troops and “Berkut” squads”, said Klychko.

He also pointed out that the opposition would not participate in any negotiations and roundtables with government unless detained without any reason people are released, guilty of the Maidan crackdown brought to justice, and detrimental government of Azarov resignes.

"Today we hear suggestions that we should sit for the round table, but we do not receive any invitation. The time and place was not appointed as well. Such round table may be held only after the power fulfills our basic requirements, and European countries must be involved in its organization," Klychko said.

He also thanked the students who join peaceful protests every day and arrive to the Maidan on strike.
"Everyone who cares about his freedom and his future should join us and come to the Independence square. We are under pressure, but we can defend our right to live in a modern European country, " Klychko added.

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