Klychko: Yanukovych burned bridges to civilized solving of political crisis

11.12.2013 03:09

An attempt to disperse EuroMaidan closed a path for Viktor Yanukovych to any compromise, which some politicians and public figures supported, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said.

"There cannot be any compromise with thugs and dictators. We should get rid of them. Today, the resignation of Yanukovych and his whole rotten government is the paramount question”, Klychko said.

“It would be strange to hear from from now on about some compromise in the form of "technical government" or constitutional amendments. All of it would be manipulation and will play in favor of Yanukovych preserving of his power. The root of evil is Yanukovych himself, everything else is all what he created ", the leader of UDAR uttered.

Klychko highlighted that his main goal is a complete change of power and punishment of all the guilty of the Maidan crackdown and provocations at the Presidential Administration.

"I responsibly declare that together with citizens who have expressed their distrust and disrespect for authority of Yanukovych in the streets across the country, I will do anything to change this government as soon as possible", Klychko declared.

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