Klychko: Special troops arrived at square to disperse us, but we win

11.12.2013 09:58

Authorities brought all special units of law enforcement officials to the Maidan, but we resisted and won, because we are stronger in spirit and truth is on our side, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said from the stage on the Independence square.

"Thank you to everyone who spent another night at the Maidan, I think this was the most important night. It was hard. I have never seen that much “Berkut” troops in my life. This demonstrates how authorities are afraid of us. They gathered all “Berkut” staff they could. All Interior Ministry special forces arrived at the Square to disperse us. But power is not a point and we won because we are much stronger in spirit", Vitaliy Klychko said.

He mentioned that no matter how many security forces authorities will throw against peaceful activists, protesters would continue to stand in the square and defend their right to live in a modern European country where the rule of law and a person, protection of their rights and freedoms is the main asset. "We are fighting for it, and together we will win", Klychko said.
Before the speech, opposition leaders met the Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. Later she came to the square, and now she is distributing food among protesters.

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