Palatny says regime of Yanukovych lost legitimacy in Ukraine and worldwide

12.12.2013 11:06

The attempt to disperse the Maidan and the order to send special forces against peaceful demonstrators is the last argument of the government, deputy chairman of UDAR, MP Arthur Palatny believes.

He notes that authorities brutally force riot police to attack civilians, intimidate people by criminal cases, but the security forces are slowly beginning to realize that the resistance of the Ukrainian people is much stronger and widespread.

"The government is confused and finds itself in a state of panic. I am sure the time will come soon when a further show-off of force will be worthless as ordinary police officers are rejecting to fulfill illicit orders of the government and stop the violence. I sincerely impressed by solidarity of citizens in defending their rights and express my gratitude to the people of Kyiv, MPs, journalists and all those who day and night protect the Maidan and struggles for their right for a better life”, Arthur Palatny says.

According to him, diplomats throughout Europe and in the U.S. openly condemned the actions of the current government. They promised to respond adequately to any undemocratic and illegal steps of Ukrainian officials. "This means that the Yanukovych regime has lost its legitimacy among Ukrainian citizens and the international community, that is moving steadily to the use of personal sanctions against him" the MP states.

Arthur Palatny highlighted that to secure the way out of the political crisis, which was riggered by stupid actions of the power vertical, President Yanukovych must finally hear the voice of the people and immediately implement urgent demands - release all detained protesters, bring to justice those responsible for beating people and fire the government.

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