Klychko: “We will win and live in a modern European country, no matter how many riot troops they will send to us”

13.12.2013 03:12

The future does not depend on someone who stays at home and complains that nothing depends on them. So all Ukrainians who care about their future must come to the Maidan and express their desire to live in a modern European country, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko urged, speaking from the stage of the night Maidan.

"I want to thank everyone who comes to the Maidan and fights for their future and for the future of their country. They are trying to intimidate us, a kind of a "terrorist attack" in Borispol or Zhulyany , central Metro stations were closed for three days, various rumors were spread, children were forbidden to go to school . But we are not the people who can be intimidated", Vitaliy Klychko said.

He added that together with his brother Wladimir he has embodied all their sporting dreams. "But we continue to dream of living in a modern European country, where everyone can realize their potential and sees prospects. And we can make this dream come true, no matter how many riot troops authorities throw on us as we are fighting for our European future and we will win", the leader of UDAR said.

Vitaliy's brother Wladimir said that he had visited many countries, but he had never seen 5 meters high barricades, which now separate the current government from the people.

"I went into the ring so many times, and I had a lot of different opponents. But I admire you. You are the heroes. I would not want to have in the ring the opponents like you. Because we cannot be defeated", Wladimir said.

He also highlighted the importance of being persistent and focused, in order to achieve victory. "The government thinks that eventually we will get tired, frozen, lose the target, and go. But this will not happen because we have championship attitude. And what is most important, we have the truth for which we stand, and the will to win. And we will succeed", said Wladimir.

After the speech, the brothers visited the encampment of Afghanistan veterans, located in the Independence Square and talked to the military.


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