Repressions against civil activists and opposition representatives spread in Vasylkiv

13.12.2013 11:30

Authorities opened criminal proceedings against Sabov into P.1 of Art. 279 of the Criminal Code "Blocking of transport routes".
"A dozen of activists, who participated in the picketing, and me are summoned to prosecutor of Vasilkiv. In addition, the investigators conducted searches of homes of activists, while, according to witnesses, there were representatives of the

Prosecutor General and the Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on-site. Obviously, Vasylkiv authorities were instructed to intimidate us and find scapegoats for organizing a peaceful protest at the College of NAU. After the opposition MPs arrived, enthusiasm of law enforcement officers subsided somewhat", Sergey Sabov said.

At the same time, according to the deputy of UDAR, on December 12 the a column of 13 buses with Internal Troops soldiers arrived in Vasylkiv. He believes this is an indication that the government concentrates power structures, who can be sent to Kyiv to take part in the force crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in the Independence Square on the weekend.

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