Strannikov says a journalist strike is simmering at municipal TV channel "Kyiv"

13.12.2013 13:02

Journalists of the municipal TV channel "Kyiv" refuse to follow instructions handed down to form a "correct" coverage of events in the Maidan and in the premises of the City Council, the deputy head of the UDAR faction in the Kyiv City Council Andriy Strannikov.

"The staff of the TV channel "Kyiv" on condition of anonymity informed about their disagreement with the position of the channel top management. The blackout of news concerning important events in Kiev, distortion of information and pressure on journalists can cause a riot in a TV "outpost " of the Kiev authorities ", Strannikov says.

According to him, channel staff is ready to announce a warning strike if management of the channel will not allow reporters to objectively cover events in the Maidan and the Kyiv City hall.

"Kyiv citizens who pay taxes to support "Kyiv" TV channel, do not want to hear lies on television, because they can see themselves what is happening in the Independence Square and Kyiv City Council premises", Strannikov says.

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