Klychko calls round table declarative, authorities not hear public demands

13.12.2013 16:40

The round table held today was of declarative character. Authorities have not heard a single demand of people who are in the Maidan and the public representatives, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said after  the round table with representatives of the public, political parties, former presidents and current President of Ukraine Yanukovych.

"We heard only slogans, appeals and declarations. Today, many participants, not just members of the opposition, aired the same demands, but we have not heard from the president, who was present at the roundtable, anything concerning release of detainees or punishment of those responsible for the brutal beating of students. They are reluctant to speak about the government resignation”, Klychko said. ”Professionals in talking around real problems represented the power today. They told general things, and nothing about solving the political crisis", stated Klychko.

Addressing the question about his attitude to the words of the President on the moratorium on the use of force, Vitaliy Klychko said, "The moratorium? What do withdrawn throughout Ukraine riot police, internal troops, the PGS, and the traffic police do in Kyiv? Therefore, I can hardly believe the words of President."

He pointed out that if the President was set for a constructive dialogue and resolving the crisis, he could have released the detainees and dismiss the government during the round table. "Today we came to warn the President about his liability if force would be used against people in the Maidan and personally air the demands of the people. We return to the Maidan and continue to put pressure on the government. I encourage everyone to come out everyone who does not want to live under dictatorship", Vitaliy Klychko said.

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