UDAR says another use of force to provoke international conflict under jurisdiction of International Criminal Court

13.12.2013 17:43

State power commits an international crime, escalating the conflict by means of provoking clashes between people. It is a crime against humanity attributed to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Therefore, if happens so, international warrants for arrest may be issued in respect of all people, including senior government officials.

The party reminds that the government has declared its intention to hold a massive rally in support of President Yanukovych’s policy on December 14-15 at the European Square in Kiev. Obviously, for these purposes the stage and the fence is installed at the Ukrainian House in Kiev which is protected by the police.

"Resorting to the power vertical and local authorities organize public sector employees are compulsory brought to Kyiv", UDAR says. The party notes that using all possible "administrative resources" at all levels, the government dumped in the capital a large number of people from Eastern Ukraine for a paid-for rally in support of Yanukovych.

"At the same time, it is planned to organize provocations, for example, provocateurs wrapped in symbols of the EU and the opposition parties attack "Anti-Maidan". The result should be the clash between the two squares and a large-scale fighting, mass unrest and bloodshed. In this way, a civil war is organized in Ukraine", the party said in a statement.

UDAR does not rule out that this should be the basis for imposition of emergency rule or justification for violent crackdown on peaceful protesters. "Please note that the escalation of the conflict by provoking clashes between people the government actually commits an international crime, a crime against humanity referred to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. There is liability not only for the Criminal Code of Ukraine, but also for acts of international law. Accordingly, the penalty for this offense is a matter not only of the state of Ukraine, but also of the entire international community", the statement of UDAR runs.

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