UDAR calls punishment of officials the first, but insufficient step towards justice

14.12.2013 14:39

The statement of the General Prosecutor's Office revealing officials who gave the command to beat the students, and President’s reaction to it suggests that massive peaceful protest in the Maidan gives first results. The authorities were forced to make concessions to the people, UDAR says.

"These concessions is only the first necessary but insufficient step to restore justice. President Yanukovych, having removed certain officials from their positions, indirectly pointed to the real organizers of the crime on November 30. Indeed, every persons is reporting to higher officials, who could not be aware of this crime"-, UDAR said.

The party states that the direct supervisor of Volodymyr Sivkovych is the Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Kliuev. He is responsible for coordination of national security issues. And if the authorities allow atrocities like beating students he has to be responsible, he could not help knowing about it.

"Together with the governor of Yanukovych in Kyiv Oleksandr Popov, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov must also bare responsibility. Illegal decisions of his Government provoked citizens to gather in the Maidan. And he pretends as if nothing had happened. Moreover he tells nonsense and outright lies to state employees whom his government retains wages and social benefits", UDAR said.

UDAR believes that together with Valeriy Koryak and Petro Fedchuk their supervisor the Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko must share responsibility. The use of special police forces from several regions of Ukraine without his knowledge is impossible. And if he admits that it happened it means that he does not control the situation in the assigned ministry, and therefore cannot be a minister.

The named officials obviously share responsibility for beating people and must be punished. In this case, the punishment cannot be symbolic, but must meet the degree of guilt.

However, all who ordered and organized the crime must be also punished.

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