Klychko says government is afraid, Anti-Maidan also shows fear

14.12.2013 18:56

The government is shaking, they are afraid and Anti-Maidan is also a sign of fear, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said from the scenes of the Maidan.

The leader of UDAR said that the fear of the power comes to absurd.

"Pechersk District Court made a decision which literally prohibits me to come to you to the Maidan, for it refers to the prohibition to interfere with the free movement of people and vehicles. That is, even walking down the street, I can interfere with someone ", Klychko said.

He also noted that the stability in defending rights and justice of the Maidan activists brought first results. "Today, the authorities named four officials and removed them from their positions for beating students on November 30. But this four are performers, and those who organized the crime must share responsibility. And we will achieve it", Klychko said.

"We gathered here of our free will, but they compulsory bring people to rally to their alleged support. There is no surprise, that some of these people are already here with us, because they also suffer from this power. What kind of power is it that dares to bring children from orphanages? Today I met such a group on the Maidan. We fed them and gave warm clothes", Vitaliy Klychko told reporters.

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