UDAR: suspension of Sivkovych means Klyuev guilty of Maidan crackdown

14.12.2013 19:20

Volodymyr Sivkovych’s removal from office means recognition of guilt of National Security and Defense Council Secretary Andriy Klyuev for the Maidan crackdown on November 30, UDAR claims.

The party emphasizes that instead of bringing the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council to justice, the scheme of direct control of Kyiv personally by Klyuev is being worked out. "Removal of Popov actually led to Anantoliy Holubchenko, Popov’s first deputy, manages Kyiv. He is also the heads of the city cell of the Party of Regions, and actually obeys Klyuev", the party said in a statement.

UDAR is convinced that, taking into account the role of Andriy Klyuev in the brutal beating people in the Maidan, which was indirectly acknowledged by the Prosecutor’s General Office and the President, who removed Klyuev’s subordinate Sivkovych, there is a threat that inappropriate actions on the part of security forces or provocation may repeat.

"Today Kyiv should not stay in the hands of the people who ordered riot police to attack civilians. The only legitimate way out of the situation is early elections of the city mayor elections and city council elections", UDAR said in the statement.

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