Opposition urges Yanukovych to immediately remove and detain Klyuev

15.12.2013 10:33

The President should immediately take a decision about suspension from office, interrogation, detention and arrest of the National Security and Defense Council Secretary Andriy Klyuev, since Klyuev gave orders to crackdown on the Maidan and use force against peaceful activists, MPs of UDAR Viktor Chumak and “Fatherland" Anatoly Hrytsenko said at the press briefing at the National Resistance Headquarters.

Viktor Chumak noted that there is a risk of falsification and destroying of interrogation reports of Oleksandr Popov, Volodymyr Sivkovych and Valeriy Koryak. This is why, the copies of documents, which MPs managed to get from their own sources, were distributed among the media. "We believe that today officials under prosecution, namely General Koryak, his deputy and the head of the Kyiv State Administration Popov are in danger. We remember the case of the Interior Minister Kravchenko. Therefore, we demand from the Prosecutor General's Office, the Interior Ministry, and the Security Service of Ukraine to provide a full-time protection of these people", Chumak said.

As MPs stressed, the protocols show that NSDC Secretary Andrew Klyuev gave orders for people who are now giving evidence. "This is the person who planned and implemented through the Interior Ministry special forces destruction of the Maidan and brutal beating of students, as well as subsequent attacks on the Maidan. While questioned by prosecutors, officials including Popov and Koryak, pointed directly to the role of Klyuev. We have received from reliable sources 4 interrogation reports of Sivkovych, General Koryak, Popov and their cross-interrogation. Why is it crucial to arrest Klyuev? Because this person manages the NSDC, therefore he is authorized by the President to coordinate all law enforcement agencies. And if he is not removed, he will affect the people who give testimony", Anatoly Hrytsenko said.

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