Klychko believes early elections should be held in March 2014

17.12.2013 11:13

Early presidential and parliament elections should be held in March 2014 under fair democratic principles, the leader of the UDAR Vitaliy Klychko told reporters on the sidelines of parliament.

He noted that in the current crisis in Ukraine when millions of people are demanding changes in their own lives, it is not the time to consider the current agenda.

"Today the only value of the parliament is to rise above party interests and group loyalty and find the way out of the political crisis. Ukraine’s history proves that it was early elections", he added.

Vitaliy Klychko stressed that such option enables to shift from confrontation to work. "During the roundtable the President said that he is not afraid of state power reset. He may prove it in a fair fight at early elections, which should be held in March 2014", he said.

Klychko urged the MPs of the Party of Regions to decide on what side - good or bad - they are.

Klychko pointed out that people do not want to live under conditions which government offers them. "You understand why people took to the streets. Because their patience snapped. They were deceived. Then they were deprived of the right for descent pension, job, fair trial, and life", Vitaliy Klychko said.

The leader of UDAR highlighted that in private conversations deputies of the Party of Regions supported the desire of people to be better-off inadmissibility of silencing people with police batons. He urged pro-government MPs to join the opposition and defend together the rights of people.

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