Klychko claims Yanukovych as personal rival

17.12.2013 18:02

“I declare Yanukovych my personal rival. I challenge him to the ring!” the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said, speaking from the stage of the Maidan.

"I will not sell or leave the Maidan! Only early elections are the way out of the crisis! Yanukovych said during a round table that he was not afraid to restart the power! Let he proves it in a fair fight in early elections", Vitaliy Klychko stressed.

He said that the current government gives up national interests of Ukraine, independence and the prospects for a better life. "What did Yanukovych sign in Moscow today? He has even cancelled a press conference in order not to tell media about it! Ukrainian people have a right to know about what and under what conditions Yanukovych gave promises", the leader of UDAR said.

Klychko said that according to the information available Yanukovych put the country in pledge. "Informed sources say that he has signed a loan agreement for $15 billion for pledge of Ukrainian property, strategic enterprises of Ukraine: machinery, aircraft, power plants, maybe even the GTS. We demand full information on all documents signed. Ukraine does not need the power that defy his people", the politician said.

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