Klychko says Parliament should restore Constitution of 2004

18.12.2013 13:32

The task of the Parliament today is to restore the Constitution of 2004, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said during a round table on finding ways to resolve the political crisis through Parliament. The round table was organized by the Parliamentary Committee for State Building and Local Self-Government, attended by MPs and experts in constitutional law.

"The last three years show that the return to the Constitution of 1996 became an instrument to strengthen the dictatorship. Specifically, it resulted in the current political crisis”, Klychko said. “The concentration of power in the hands of the president, and total control over the government set a dangerous temptation", the leader of UDAR noted.

That is why, Klychko believes, there are no presidential republics in Europe. Therefore, Ukraine should return to a parliamentary republic.

"The simplest way is to correct mistakes. In 2010, at the request of the Yanukovych Constitutional Court abolished the Constitution of 2004, and spawned more problems than solved. I am confident that our task is to restore the Constitution of 2004. This decision must collect a majority in the parliament", Vitaliy Klychko said.

He noted that the establishment of such a majority is another step towards solving political crisis as it would be able to put an end to the issue of accountability of power.

"Renewal of the Constitution of 2004 requires a return to the proportional election system, and we need to implement these changes. That is why after the formation of the new majority, it makes sense to hold a work all week to the end of a plenary session. Then the Parliament will make decisions really important for the country" the leader of UDAR claimed.

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