Government tries intimidate opposition leaders by criminal proceedings on alleged constitutional order overthrow - Karpuntsov

18.12.2013 18:50

The opening of criminal proceedings by the Security Service of Ukraine on alleged attempts to overthrow constitutional order and the seizure of state power by the opposition is purely politically motivated, MP of UDAR Valeriy Karpuntsov said during a meeting of opposition leaders with the ambassadors of the EU member states.

He recalled that the Security Service has started criminal proceedings into the alleged offense by some politicians in connection with a third People's Assembly on December 8.

According to Karpuntsov, the authorities are trying to intimidate opposition leaders as well as members of mass rallies in the Independence Square in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. In addition, the MP said, that the government is trying to counteract the massive rallies taking place in Ukraine.

"Unconstitutional seizure and usurpation of state power in Ukraine has really happened. However, this was not at the millionth People’s Assembly in Kyiv on December 8, but three years earlier, in 2010 after President Yanukovych came into office”, Valeriy Karpuntsov said. However, the MP said, the means used by citizens focus exclusively on how to get the current authorities to hear the people of Ukraine and to fulfill his constitutional demands. "De facto, now in Ukraine state power became a personal property of Viktor Yanukovych. It is the person occupying the position of President and flouting the Constitution of Ukraine who illegally took possession of all the resources of the government, took under his personal control all major state institutions. He is the de facto head of the legislative, executive and judicial power, and the manager of the State Budget of Ukraine", the MP of UDAR stressed.

Valeriy Karpuntsov pointed out that Yanukovych has actually carried out ​​unconstitutional seizure of Parliament, because the Constitutional Court, which he controls, allowed the individual MPs to take part in the formation of a coalition of parliamentary factions of the previous convocation. In addition, his second step of unconstitutional seizing of power was the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by the chairman of the Party of Regions Azarov in an unconstitutional manner through the parliamentary majority. The third step, Valeriy Karpuntsov said, was the decision of the controlled Constitutional Court on return to the Constitution of 1996. "In fact, the Constitutional Court changed the Constitution alone, exceeding his authority and assigning the authority of the Parliament", the MP said.

As a result, Yanukovych legally formalized his unlimited influence on the executive branch of power and law enforcement system.

He also highlighted that all previous moves to usurp state power were followed by so-called judicial reform of 2010. "In a situation when people of Ukraine are deprived of main legal means to protect their rights, they as the only source of power had to resort to the use of extreme constitutional forms and methods of struggle against the government. These forms and means are peaceful meetings, rallies, marches, and demonstrations", Valeriy Karpuntsov added.

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