Klychko: We will do everything so that the country has a new government, a new parliament and a new president

18.12.2013 19:17

We will do everything so that the country has a new government, a new parliament and a new president the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said from the stage of Maidan.

"I want to thank all of you who stand here and fight for their future. I understand that it is not easy, it is cold, and many of you are tired. But I support anyone who says he will not go and fight for their future, for the country's future, and for the future of their children. Such civic position deserves respect", Vitaliy Klychko pointed out.

He noted that everyone wants quick victories, but it does not always happen, so it is worth continuing to fight and put pressure on the government. "We will do everything to free all the detainees. We will do everything to bring all responsible for the crackdown to justice. I will do everything to make this government, which brought the country into political crisis and economic collapse, resign and our country will have a new President, who will sign an Association Agreement with the EU" the leader of UDAR highlighted.

Klychko also told about his visit to Anti-Maidan in Mariinsky Park, where authorities bring people. "I went there yesterday. Do you know what they were chanting? “Klychko!” I say, guys you are here to support Yanukovych. They replied that the conditions are difficult, they were threatened with dismissal from work, so they were made to go, but at heart they hate him", the politician said.

He also said that Yanukovych continued to deceive people talking about gas discounts and credits. "He says he brought $15 billion. And for what? Nobody knows. With high corruption level, they can fix a little hole in the budget, but then officials will fatten their own wallets and everything will remain as it is. What we demand is reforms and restart of the power", Klychko highlighted.

He expressed his willingness to stand to the victory, and urged all protesters to celebrate the New Year in the Maidan. "We will install a beautiful Christmas tree, not this bloody one. And together we will celebrate the New Year and fight. And we will win", Vitaliy Klychko said.

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