UDAR says President acknowledged Klyuev’s involvement in Maidan crackdown

19.12.2013 14:12

President Yanukovych has acknowledged the involvement of the National Security and Defense Council Secretary Andriy Klyuev in the Maidan dispersal on November 30, the UDAR party claims.

"In today's interview to some media Yanukovych told about his conversation with Andriy Klyuev after the Maidan dispersal and pointed out that Klyuev’s goal was to stabilize situation. Literally, Yanukovych admitted that Klyuev had been in control of events in the Independence Square and involved in the dispersal of peaceful protesters using force", the party noted.

UDAR points out that Klyuev’s involvement in the Maidan crackdown on the night of November 30 are confirmed by the testimony of Olexandr Popov. "Popov said that he had carried out the orders of the NSDC Secretary Klyuev. Therefore, we demand the President to immediately take a decision about Klyuev’s removal from office, his interrogation, detention and arrest through court decision, since it was Klyuev who gave orders to disperse Maidan and use force against peaceful activists", the party notes.

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