Klychko: “Two Maidans congratulated each other on St. Nicholas Day”

19.12.2013 18:38

Participants of the Anti-Maidan rally came to the barricades of EuroMaidan to congratulate protestors on St. Nicholas Day. They brought sweets and sang together the national anthem of Ukraine.

At this time, leader UDAR Vitaliy Klychko was speaking from the stage of the Maidan. When people in the crowd began to shout "Provocation!" because they did not understand what was happening at the barricades in Instytutska Street, Klychko promised to take care of it. Visitors from Anti-Maidan did not stay long and left before Vitaliy Klychko had made ​​his way through the crowd.

"It is symbolic to see the people Region’s Party rally EuroMaidan. Let them come. I also visited Anti-Maidan. I spoke to the people, debated with them, many of them chanted "Klychko!", the leader of UDAR said. “They complained that they are forced to participate in a rally. Somebody was threatened with to be fired from work, someone came for money", Vitaliy Klychko said.

Speaking from the stage of Maidan, he pointed out that Ukraine is united, because both the east and west care about the same issues and people similarly aspire to live with dignity in a decent country. Everywhere people are tired of the government of Yanukovych. "I was shocked when I saw Ukrainian citizens - students, managers, elderly people bring as much as they can money to support the Maidan. They bring food, warm clothes, or work as volunteers . They do it to change this government and live in a democratic European Ukraine. I thank you and respect everyone", Vitaliy Klychko addressed to the people in the Maidan.

He said that today the Parliament passed the law, which prevents prosecution and punishment of people who took part in peaceful rallies.

"If the president signs the law, the power will fulfill the first demand for dismissal and non-prosecution of peaceful protesters. Nevertheless, we will continue to stand for other demands, which are punishing of the guilty of beating people in the Maidan and the resignation of Azarov’s government, and early presidential and parliamentary elections as a way out of the political crisis", Vitaliy Klychko stressed.

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