Klychko urges Prosecutor General give clear answer who organized Maidan crackdown

20.12.2013 10:14

UDAR demands from the Prosecutor General to name certain individuals involved in the beating of protesters and those who gave orders to assault the Maidan, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said in the Parliament.

Vitaliy Klychko pointed out once again that the rallies were exclusively peaceful. "However, in order to organize provocations a lot of so-called "titushkys” were involved. It is confirmed by the journalists who were present at these events", he said.

Vitaliy Klychko said that the organizers of beaten people had not been named so far. "Who organized beating people on November 30 and December 11? Who ordered to use force on the night of December 11? You have to give you a clear answer to these questions", Klychko said to Pshonka.

He stressed that both those who gave orders and organizers of the crackdown, as well as law enforcement officers who fulfilled the order had to be brought to justice for excessive use of force against protesters.

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