Klychko says PGO manipulates facts about rallies, not punishes guilty

20.12.2013 10:45

Prosecutor General’s Office openly manipulates the facts about the rallies taking place in Kiev, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko commenting on the speech of Prosecutor General Pshonka.

"We all witnesses to PGO manipulation the facts. What we saw today confirms once again that neither courts nor prosecutors will ever have the support of people, as they are dealing with manipulation", Klychko stressed.

He noted that the PGO had created a manipulative footage, which aimed to show that it is protesters wha are allegedly to blame. Klychko highlighted that this proves that the government was not going to attract the guilty.

The leader of UDAR noted that almost all collisions were provoked by "titushkys" who work for the government. "I saw a lot of times stones flew from behind police backs in the peaceful protesters. These were civilians who threw stones", Vitaliy Klychko said.

The leader of the UDAR urged people to give an objective assessment of all the actions of prosecutors and law enforcement officials, and the government in general. "We do not want to live according to those principles that state offers us, which are the absence of truth and law. Today prosecutors did a brainwashing in the best traditions of Soviet times”, Klychko said. “This proves once again that the people of Ukraine have an only way out – restart the power and hold snap presidential and parliamentary elections", Vitaliy Klychko added.

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