Klychko: “We have the strength to get across our demand to live in a modern European country to the government. The only way for it is early presidential and parliamentary elections”

22.12.2013 13:49

I have enough strength and will to prove the current government that we, Ukrainians, deserve to live in a modern European country. We have a plan for reforms, but we realize they can be implemented only after the restart of the power. And the way to the latter is early presidential and parliamentary elections, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko declared, speaking from the stage of Maidan during the People’s Assembly.

"I would like to say thank you to everyone, who does not want to stay at home and wait, for coming to the Maidan, who struggles and expresses their civic stance. It is not easy, and many of you are tired. But we cannot leave, we must stay and fight. And we will win", Vitaliy Klychko stressed.

He suggested that the protesters should substitute for one another in the Maidan. “When you go home to have some rest, your friend or a relative, a person you know and trust, should come instead you. Klychko also urged all activists to tell people the truth about Maidan and convince them to join in.

The politician said that the Maidan crackdown caused massive resentment among Ukrainians. "So did the Prosecutor General’s report at the Parliament, where he claimed said that it were people who beat the police, not vice versa. He said, everyone has their own truth. No. The can be the only truth. Millions of people took to the streets demanding changes. We have a clear plan for reforms, but their implementation is possible after the restart of the power. Therefore we demand early presidential and parliamentary elections", Klychko highlighted.

He also noted that he would celebrate the New Year in the Maidan and invited all the Ukrainians to join.

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