Klychko slams government for intensified repressions against Maidan participants

24.12.2013 17:03

The government intensified repression against activists who stay in the Maidan as well as those who support the Ukrainian people in their aspiration for a decent life, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko said at a press briefing at the National Resistance headquarters.

"We heard representatives of the Party of Regions talking about a list of more than 30 people. Among them, as noted by the media, former Georgian President Saakashvili , Georgian MPs , businessmen , diplomats , citizens of the U.S. and the EU member states", Vitaliy Klychko stressed.

He mentioned that the exclusion of entry to Ukraine for foreigners is on the other hand an instrument of pressure on the opposition MPs. "For example, the husband of the UDAR MP Mariia Ionova Myron Wasylyk is also enlisted there. He is a U.S. citizen and has been living in Ukraine for 20 years", Klychko said.

The politician pointed out that these days the relatives of UDAR activists were intimidated. In particular, the threats were uttered towards the parents of the curator of the youth wing of UDAR Dmytro Bilotserkovets. The leader of UDAR demanded from the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine not to support a provocative initiative of the power and push Ukraine into international isolation. "Do not build a wall around Ukraine, do not try to enclose Ukraine with barbed wire. I would like to remind the officials, who proceed with such initiatives, that they also make trips about Europe and the United States. They should assess the adequacy of their actions", Vitaliy Klychko highlighted.

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