Klychko convinced "Maidan" to unite all Ukrainians who disapprove of situation in country and demand change of government

24.12.2013 17:15

Nationwide organization "Maidan" should unite all Ukrainians who disagree with the current situation in the country and demand a change of the government, the leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko declared at a press briefing at the National Resistance headquarters.

"Maidan" is a nationwide union. All of the Ukrainians, regardless of political commitments and place of residence, tend to live in a modern democratic state with no corruption, clear rules and the rule of law. That is why Maidans sprang out not only in Kiev, but around the whole country”, Vitaliy Klychko pointed out.

When asked about his own role in the organization, Klychko stressed that he had entered the organization as a head of the UDAR party and entitled to vote, like other members of the organization. "We will win only if united regardless of political views with the aim to build ​​a modern country with the rule of law, and where every Ukrainian can look to the future with confidence", Klychko emphasized.

Commenting on the information regarding possible arrests of opposition leaders, the leader of UDAR mentioned, "I am sure if that happens, it will be a fatal mistake of the authorities. We are not afraid of arrests. Entire country sees that every person who comes to Maidan, fights for their future, truth and social justice. Hopefully, the government will not make another mistake".

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