Klychko: “The government wants to paralyze people with fear and do to Ukrainians what was done to Tanya Chornovol this night”

25.12.2013 13:05

The leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko urged all journalists to call a strike against the existing regime in solidarity with their colleagues, and refrain from broadcasting and publishing news on activities of Yanukovych’s government.

"Today, journalists are beaten and muzzled. The right to get involved in the profession is being destroyed. Only cowards and moral degenerates can assault a woman treacherously and brutally at night. They seem to have believed in their impunity. Does anybody hope that the government will improve and hear anybody? Today authorities want to do with all of us all the same that was done to Tanya Chornovol this night. They want to paralyze people with fear. This is not going to happen! " Vitaliy Klychko pointed out.

He said that it is those who approve and do violence and their political associates who keep silent and therefore agree with what is going on had to be afraid.

"They cheat and intimidated people! We must deprive them of the ability to create illusions for millions of citizens. Tell us about what really happens. Now you have a great opportunity to express your civil stance while performing your professional duties", the leader of UDAR said.

Vitaliy Klychko also expressed his respect and thanked all the citizens who were not afraid to defend their dignity and the future of the country.

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