Opposition MPs demand from Interior Minister prompt investigation into assault on Chornovol

25.12.2013 14:33

Opposition Members of Parliament held a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko to urge that the assault on Tetyana Chornovol would be investigated within the shortest possible time and guilty would bear full responsibility, UDAR MP Valeriy Patskan informed.

 "We came to Minister Zakharchenko to put forward our demands. First of all, the investigation of assault on Tetyana Chornovol should be carried out in the shortest possible time and responsible people must be found and punished. Second, those guilty of a stabbing a Maidan activist in Kharkiv and the arson of the "Traffic Control" activist’s car in Kiev must be found. In addition, we demand to punish all those responsible for assault on peaceful protesters during the Maidan crackdown", Valeriy Patskan said.

MPs also demanded to withdraw internal forces and "Berkut" (riot police) from the government quarter.

"Zakharchenko replied that he was a political figure, but not a detective. He promised to instruct his subordinates on the respective investigations. He also informed us that the police had found the owner of a vehicle which pursued Chornovol, but they were not sure what it had been the person in question", Patskan informed.

The politician also told that the MPs would meet the Minister tomorrow at 14.00 to hear the answers to the raised issues.

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