UDAR: “Government does not take necessary measures to cover unpaid wages”

26.12.2013 11:52

The government does not make any appropriate steps to address the issue of unpaid wages, which increased by 14.1% since the beginning of the year and totaled 1.019 billion by December 1, 2013, the UDAR party said in the statement.

"The regime considers the work of Ukrainian citizens as a means to generate excess profits. According to logic of the power, people have to work for meager salaries, and even better with no wages at all", the party stressed. UDAR points out that almost a third of the total arrears (29.2 %) are indebted by state and municipal enterprises. "The regime believes that all public resources should go exclusively to provide luxurious conditions for greedy officials, or distributed to the benefit of pro-government businesses. That is why tens of billions paid by taxpayers to the budget are spent on the purchase of luxury cars for officials and or provided to support the pro-government businesses", the statement runs.

UDAR emphasizes that the government cannot find the funds to pay average workers after spending exorbitant costs for their fancies. The party stressed that while thousands of people cannot get their salaries for months, officials are leaving for expensive resorts to celebrate the New Year.

"The government that mocks ordinary people and use their office exclusively for personal enrichment and robbing the country must go into political oblivion", the party said in the statement.

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