UDAR says Azarov’s hysterical statements suggest government has no control over situation

26.12.2013 12:02

Hysterical statements of Prime Minister Azarov that peaceful protest in the Maidan interfere with normal life in the country can be explained by the fact that the government has lost control of the situation in the country, UDAR said in a statement.

"The government deliberately substitutes the notions and confuses cause and effect. After all, people took to the streets because of unprofessional and sometimes openly predatory activities of the government. They were urged not by Ukrainian opposition, but and economic crisis, which was caused by the policy of Yanukovych and Azarov", the party emphasized.

UDAR notes that according to State Statistic Service, since mid-2011 foreign reserves declined from 38.8 to 18 billion UAH. Budget deficit for 11 months of 2013 amounted to 46.5 billion UAH, which is 12.9% higher than last year and 4.2 times more than in January- November 2011. The decline in GDP continues for the sixth quarters in a row, while the decline of industrial production falls for 16 months.

"These data are economic basis for dismissal of Azarov, not to mention the systematic violation of human and civil rights, pressure and harassment of civic activists which transform into atrocity", the party highlighted.

UDAR points out that the government will not be able to escape from responsibility and shift the guilt on others. "UDAR make every effort to change the system of government in the country, and Yanukovych’s regime for a new, responsible and pro-European government. This is possible through a complete restart of government through early parliamentary and presidential elections", the party noted.

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