UDAR sues Chief of Investigation Department of Interior Ministry

27.12.2013 13:44

Leader of UDAR Vitaliy Klychko files a lawsuit against the Chief of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mykola Chynchyn to defend honor, dignity, and business reputation and to demand rebuttal to false information.

Vitaliy Klychko calls Chynchyn’s accusations about the alleged involvement of Klychko brothers to criminal groups deceitful and baseless. "Instead of objective investigation and finding real perpetrators and people who ordered the attack of Tetyana Chornovol, Zakharchenko’s office resorted to the usual provocations and actually covers criminals. That is why we will speak in court with a person who has been entrusted to voice lies and nonsense", Vitaliy Klychko emphasized.

He stated that the Interior Ministry has now became governmental death squads and resorted to any means in a fight with the opposition and the citizens of Ukraine. "Surprisingly we come to know that riot police were "defending" against peaceful students, then spread nonsense, trying to shift the responsibility for the attack on a journalist to the opposition. It seems that the Interior Ministry moved from Bohomoltsya street to Frunze street (location of The Pavlov psychiatric hospital)"- Klychko said.

He noted that UDAR demands a transparent and objective investigation into the brutal beating of Tetyana Chornovol and find the real perpetrators of the crime, not to assign the blame on somebody to shield those who gave orders. Vitaliy Klychko urges to punish the guilty. "May Zakharchenko has no doubt that when we change this government, telling stories about their law protection activities will not suffice for him and his associates", Klychko said.


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