Klitschko says people who came to Mezhyhirya cross barrier of fear

29.12.2013 14:34

Peace Ukrainians who came today to the residence of Yanukovych in Mezhyhirya are not afraid of power and riot police, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said at a rally at Mezhyhirya.

"Every one of you, who came here today, crossed the barrier of fear. Authorities intimidate and terrorize people. But we are not afraid, because we stand for truth and defend our rights and justice", Klitschko said.

He stressed that was just a warning rally. Next time millions would come to Mezhyhirya. "If they do not hear our voices in the Maidan, we come closer to the President and his residence. The government think they can hide behind high fences and guards. They will not succeed", Vitali Klitschko said.

The leader of the UDAR said that a complete change of government and snap presidential and parliamentary elections could resolve the political crisis. "This government is already trembling, but we will continue our pressure and achieve the resignation of the regime", Klitschko said in an interview to journalists.

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