“May the Christmas Star become a symbol of renewal and rebirth of Ukraine” – Klitschko

06.01.2014 18:43

Vitali Klitschko greeted Ukrainians with Christmas Eve from the stage of Maidan.

"Today we celebrate the Christmas Eve. And the Christmas Star has risen. This is a bright family holiday, the most important festival for Christians. We are here a big family today. The family of the people who share common ideals , dreams, aspirations and common struggle”, Klitschko said. “I wish the star to proclaim the birth of Christ and the beginning of a new era like many centuries ago. May the Christmas star over our country become a symbol of renewal and rebirth of Ukraine", the leader of UDAR added.

He wished all the stability, wisdom, Christian attitude to one another, the dreams that will come true and the strength to bring change to the country.

Commenting to journalists, Vitali Klitschko said that yesterday in Donetsk, people carried a placard 'We want to work for the country, not for the “Family”. “And it will happen so, because so many people want it and defend their right to live and work in a decent country. The place for the "Family" is on the outskirts of the history. In the chapter “Terrible dreams of Ukraine", the leader of the UDAR pointed out.


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