Klitschko convinced single presidential candidate only option to bring victory over Yanukovych

07.01.2014 14:42

For a convincing victory over Yanukovych there is no other choice but to nominate a single candidate in the first round of the presidential elections, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko declared, speaking from the stage of the Maidan.

"When we unite, we have power. Having joined in the Maidan, in politics, we must combine our efforts to win", Klitschko noted.

He greeted everyone with Christmas and pointed out that festive but resolute spirit dominates over the Maidan. "Last night I went to the tents, greeted people, talked with them. All of them said they were not going to give up. Everyone talks about a complete change of government and ask whether the opposition is able to nominate a single candidate", the leader of UDAR stressed.

"Democratic forces should nominate and support a single candidate in the presidential election. I declared it a long time ago and I did not change my mind. How can we talk about the united team if a few candidates are nominated? Is it not the thing the government need to dilute the votes in the second round and arrange a cruel surprise?"- Vitali Klitschko said in an interview.

The leader of the UDAR said the power will suppress all candidate to drag a technical candidate to the second round of the elections. "How can we talk about several opposition candidates to supposedly protect the one who then wins? We d not need illusions, we have to be responsible and not let that happen", Klitschko said.

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