UDAR says government afraid of strike and sends false messages on behalf of Klitschko

09.01.2014 11:31

The party UDAR claim false messages published by some mass media on behalf of the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko.

"After the announcement of the organization of a strike in late January, the government is resorting to any means to prevent it. Yesterday nationwide association "Maidan" has formed the strike committee, and today some online media have published some list of false co-chairmen of the strike and its date and time, referring to me and the press service of the party", the leader of UDAR said.

He pointed out that the key source of information of UDAR and its leader is the party website klichko.org. Klitschko urged the media not to publish false message and consequently not to become the participants of dirty provocations.

The press -service of UDAR party pay attention to journalists that any notice sent on behalf of the press service is usually published on the party website. Also, journalists are welcome to check or clarify information contacting the press service landline (044) 481 22 29.

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