Klitschko sure events on Peremohy Avenue became another strong argument for Europe to impose personal sanctions against Ukrainian officials

11.01.2014 12:57

The events overnight into January 11 on Peremohy Avenue, where the riot police used force against peaceful people once again, is a strong argument for Europe to introduce personal sanctions against Ukrainian officials, the leader UDAR Vitali Klitschko said after the meeting with European politicians and members of Parliament in Germany.

"Before that happened at night, some politicians had had hope that the Ukrainian authorities would not resort to force because they promised it. Today morning, the mood has changed. They realize that the Yanukovych regime will not stop. Therefore the question of personal sanctions is ever more real", Klitschko said.

He stressed that once again he addressed European politicians in order to consider the sanctions option as soon as possible.

"Only personal sanctions against those who back the Yanukovych regime, particularly officials, all those involved in violence against civilians, corrupt prosecutors and judges can stop this regime. All they loot in Ukraine they invest in European and American banks, real estate and businesses in democratic countries. These are only personal sanctions that can now stop the construction of totalitarianism in the heart of Europe", Vitali Klitschko pointed out.


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