Klitschko visits Lutsenko at hospital

11.01.2014 14:58

Vitali Klitschko visited Yuriy Lutsenko at the hospital, after the riot police had beaten the latter.

"Yuriy keeps well and, as always, tries to crack jokes though he is in intensive care. The fact that the power uses special police squads against the people is stupidly barbaric. What else can we consider frantic soldiers beating a person with batons till one faints?” Klitschko said. “This is what the government wants to do to all of us, to put us off the mind and will. No way! The Ukrainians has proved it. We are not afraid", the leader of the UDAR said.

He pointed out that the lawyers of the Legal Assistance Centre of the National resistance headquarters will provide legal assistance to all activists against who had been placed under investigation after the events on Peremohy Avenue.

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