Klitschko claims national strike is next phase of the struggle

12.01.2014 13:37

The next stage of the struggle of the Maidan is a nationwide strike, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko announced, speaking at the People's Assembly at the Maidan.

"We are organizing a nationwide strike. It is supposed to be a short warning strike. If the government does not hear us, it will last much longer. This is a painstaking uneasy work. But we do it and the authorities are afraid of it", Vitali Klitschko said.

He noted that the government resorted to provocation and misinformation runs with unrealistic dates of the beginning of the strike and intimidated people in regions.

The leader of UDAR emphasized that the date of the strike would be announced right after the preparations would have been completed.

Klitschko pointed out that every day at the Maidan is a step towards victory. "The authorities do everything in order to divide the country . They do everything in order to divide the Maidan. They do everything so that people are not united. They are very nervous and worried by the fact that we are standing here today. They did not expect that Ukraine would rise", Klitschko said.

He urged all protesters to spread the truth about the Maidan, because the government disseminates a lot of false information and rumors through pocket media. "People trust friends. Talk to your neighbors, relatives, and friends. Tell the truth about the Maidan, and explain why we stand here, so that the people who care about the future will join us", the leader of UDAR stressed.

Vitali Klitschko added that the changes in the country are possible only after the shift of power. That is why UDAR calls for early presidential and parliamentary elections. “We will fight and we will win this fight!" Klitschko said.

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