Bilotserkovets says authorities harass EuroMaidan activists

13.01.2014 15:35

Sevastopol authorities resorted to harassment, threats and intimidation of EuroMaidan activists, the head of the youth wing of UDAR Dmytro Bilotserkovets informed at the press briefing at the National Resistance headquarters.

"The government is well aware that young people are the most active protesters in the country, and so they got down to our youth wing”, Bilotserkovets said. He noted that so-called stabilization headquarters had been set up in all regions of the country to deal with activists. These stabilization headquarters are made up of representatives of local administrations, Party of Regions and law enforcement offices. According Bilotserkovets, each headquarters has a person with 5 to 10 "titushkys" at command to perform the dirtiest work. "The main task of these headquarters is pressure, blackmailing, and threatening the activists in order to reduce their activity. These "stabilization headquarters" compile a lists of activists and develop and implement scenarios of pressure on the protesters and their relatives", Bilotserkovets said.

He informed that he as well as his family had been terrorized not only by unknown persons, but also by the traffic police. "On December 12 in the center of Sevastopol I had the tires of my car got flat wrote with paint that it is a revenge for the Maidan. On December 15 unknown people called my mother and openly threatened her and me. On December 24 they told my mother that they would pour acid on me", the activist said. He filed a notice about the crime to the Interior Ministry office, but still there is no any information about the investigation. Bilotserkovets is convinced that the police is deliberately causing a delay in the investigation into the cases of pressure and threats because they are involved in these pressure scenarios. 

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