UDAR demands to stop threats against churches and religious organizations

14.01.2014 09:56

The UDAR Party demands from the government to respect religious feelings of people and refrain from threats against churches and religious organizations that do not violate the laws of Ukraine, the party said in the statement concerning the letter with threats from the Ministry of Culture to seek termination of service on the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church at the EuroMaidan.

UDAR remind that there are several million Ukrainian Greek Catholic believers and the government is obliged to respect their feelings. "A large number of citizens of Ukraine is now in opposition to the government and they are actively involved in the protests. Of course, representatives of the churches are where their congregation is. Every day the Maidan prays for Ukraine, for its future, the peaceful resolution of the crisis and ask wisdom for the authorities and the people. They are against violence", the statement reads.

At the same time, UDAR demands that the government should pay attention and respond openly to provocative statements of its representatives, calling for the use of weapons against peaceful demonstrators. "The statements of government officials about the UGCC are a blatant attempt to control the last independent institution, which is the church. And if this excess of power is not stopped, then tomorrow the representatives of other churches whose senior priests pray with the congregation at the Maidan, will receive the same threatening letters", the party emphasized.

The statement of the Ministry of Culture, UDAR believes, shows the final degradation of power, the lack of any professionalism, tact and sense of political correctness.

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