Kovalchuk says early elections, but not use of riot police, is a solution to political crisis

14.01.2014 10:47

The only constructive way out of the political crisis in Ukraine is calling for early presidential and parliamentary elections, the deputy head of UDAR Vitaliy Kovalchuk said in comments to journalists on the sidelines of the Parliament.

"The country is political crisis, both Ukraine and world understand it. The only constructive way out of this crisis is not the use of riot police or the ostrich-like stance of the authorities, but calling for early presidential and parliamentary elections. We should provide an opportunity for people to speak out, using voting as the method of direct democracy. That is why we insist on", Vitaliy Kovalchuk said.

He noted that the parliament would not work in its usual pattern unless the demands of the opposition leaders are taken into account. "Blocking of the parliamentary rostrum is one of the tools that can be used", Kovalchuk mentioned.

When asked whether UDAR would vote for the state budget, Kovalchuk pointed out, "We have suggested amendments to the budget. If they are taken into account, we are ready to consider the draft budget. Our main proposal is to provide 2 billion UAH for early president and parliament elections, thus reducing the Interior Ministry funding."

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