Klitschko says Budget 2014 bears high risks and is a loss for Ukraine

15.01.2014 13:03

The draft budget for 2014 is antisocial and does not provide a significant increase in social benefits, wages and pensions, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said on air of Radio Liberty.

According to Klitschko, the draft budget analysis showed that this is a budget of costly palaces and police batons. "May the government not deceive people. It does not provide a significant increase in minimum wages and pensions. The minimum increase is scheduled no earlier than July", the leader of UDAR said.

Klitschko added, that the budget gap would reach UAH 110 billion by the end of the year. "This budget is unreal to perform and despite the promises many public sectors will be underfunded", the politician said. According to Klitschko, the budget is supposed to allocate 45 billion for public debt service, and the government slides the country deeper and deeper in the debt pit every year. "The country is in political crisis. The loan from Russia will not help to solve the problems that we have. It is necessary to implement reforms in the country", Vitali Klitschko said. Meanwhile, he noted that the government shows reluctance to discuss and seek ways out of the crisis, but only deepens it. “The Party of Regions will try in all possible ways to pass the budget tomorrow. This budget is not for people. It carries big risks for the country. This is a loss for the whole country", the leader of UDAR pointed out.

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