UDAR: Government prepares grounds for Maidan dispersal

15.01.2014 14:53

Recent actions and statements of the government indicate that it ignores the demands of the people and prepares the ground to disperse Maidan and suppress peaceful protests across the country, UDAR Party claims.

"Today government officials and pro-government MPs aired statements which seek to discover grounds to justify the possible use of force. Kyiv District Administrative Court again ruled out the prohibition of mass rallies in the capital, citing a list of streets and squares in the center of Kyiv where peaceful rallies against the current government are taking place. People are prohibited to even use the loudspeakers and hang posters", the deputy head of UDAR Vitaliy Kovalchuk said.

UDAR points out that today the Minister of Justice Olena Lukash made a statement about the allegedly "violent" protests, which police must adequately address.

"We consider these facts as the preparation for dispersal of the Maidan and increase of repression by the authorities against peaceful activists across the country. What happens to Maidan and AutoMaidan activists in different cities of Ukraine is intimidation and repression. The authorities instead of looking for a way out of the political crisis deals with active citizens, thereby deepening the crisis and confrontation", Kovalchuk said.

UDAR emphasizes that pocket courts restrict citizens' right for peaceful assembly, not only in Kiev but also in other cities. In particular, today Kyiv District Administrative Court banned for a month any public events in the town of Pereyaslav –Khmelnytsky (Kyiv Region), where Vitali Klitschko participated in a rally.

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