Averchenko says authorities in preparations for another Maidan crackdown attempt

15.01.2014 16:14

The authorities are preparing a large-scale provocation against the Maidan protesters, the commandant of the Maidan, UDAR MP Sergiy Averchenko informed at the press briefing at the National Resistance headquarters.

"We have information that the authorities are preparing another assault on Maidan. A large number of buses, about 40-50, including those with the Crimean number plates are pulled in the Kyiv center", Sergiy Averchenko said.

According to him, a considerable number of young AntiMaidan activists wearing summer shoes were seen at the Maidan.

Averchenko urged Ukrainians to come to the Maidan and enroll in self-defense units. "We will defend the Maidan to the last. Maidan dispersal means creeping dictatorship and the beginning of harsh political repressions", the MP claimed.

He also said that today the traffic police announced and began to implement the interception plan for vehicles supplying Maidan with wood. "Traffic Police officers also come to the homes of those who help us to take out the garbage, and invite to some conversations. One of our volunteers who supplied the wood had fire set to his car. But I have never heard that people gave up", Averchenko stressed.

According to the commandant, such government actions must have the opposite effect, and mobilize people and strengthen faith in victory.

Also, commandants of the Trade Unions House denied the information spread by pro-government media the government itself, that Maidan employs minors. They noted that the age and IDs of volunteers working in the kitchen and other areas were thoroughly checked and the called rumors about underage workers "another dirty provocation of the authorities".

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