Klitschko claims Yanukovych follows the events at Maidan, looks worried

19.01.2014 23:53

President Yanukovych follows the events at the Maidan and looks worried, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said during the Hromadske TV (Public TV) broadcast.

He pointed out that to get to Mezhyhirya was not easy. "A few kilometers from the sight riot police stopped us. I left the car and wanted to go on foot. They also prohibited. I asked the senior officer and demanded an urgent meeting with Yanukovych. I was asked to wait. About half an hour later a car arrived to take me to a meeting", Vitali Klitschko told.

He told that the meeting was in private. "At first, Yanukovych asked me how I was feeling. And I understood that he was closely following the events that take place at the Maidan and aware of all things. I told him that the situation is on the verge of a civil conflict and needs urgent interference. If the issues that raised so many people are not solved, irreversible processes can begin. A solution to the problem is early presidential and parliamentary elections. This is what I told Yanukovych", the leader of UDAR said.

Answering the host’s question, how Yanukovych behaved and looked like, Klitschko said, "He is concerned. Every minute a man came to him and handed a piece of paper from which he received the information".

Klitschko also told that Yanukovych had promised that tomorrow a committee on resolving the political crisis would be created, attended by representatives of the opposition, and in the afternoon a meeting of the leaders of the opposition of the President would be held. "We will continue to insist that the current situation can be solved only through early presidential and parliamentary elections", Klitschko said.

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