Klitschko: For two days President does not notice standoff in Kyiv center two blocks away from his office

21.01.2014 14:00

Authorities do not want to solve the tense situation in the city center in a peaceful way and only piles up tension, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said at the Presidential Administration.

"I immediately went in Yanukovych to stop escalation of violence. We must take steps and start to settle an acute political crisis. The President was at the meeting. Two days fire flies in the center of Kyiv and the President does not notice it two blocks from the sight”, Klitschko said. “It is demonstrative that last night “titushkys” presented a united front. Crushing protests with police and gangsters, creating confusion and chaos is the scenario of this government. The violence must be stopped immediately. This is what discussed with senior officers of special forces in Hrushevskoho Street", the leader of UDAR pointed out.

He noted that Yanukovych’s had a meeting and sent Klyuev, Lukash, and Portnov. "They said that the President would call me when free. I left for Hrushevskoho Street where priests restrain standoff", Klitschko said.

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