Opposition statement: Yanukovych and Zaharchenko responsible for shooting at Ukrainian citizens

22.01.2014 09:20

Punitive authorities crossed the line. The murder of peaceful picketers is a consequence of impunity of crime perpetrators and terror escalation, the joint statement of UDAR, Fatherland and Svoboda reads.

Four gunshot wounds to the head and neck of one of the dead is not self-defense, but a deliberate execution of civilians. Interior Minister bloody murderer Vitaliy Zakharchenko personally bears direct responsibility for this act of terror of dictatorship against the citizens.

Only the immediate withdrawal of Interior Ministry special forces squads from Kyiv and crews of criminal “titushkys” who terrorize residents, resignation of Zakharchenko, whose hands are stained with blood of Ukrainian citizens can stop the escalation of conflict in lethal phase.

For all that will happen now in the country, life and safety of every citizen, and protesters’ death Viktor Yanukovych bears personal responsibility. After two months of ignoring just demands of peaceful rally, he is in an effort to shift the protest in the hot phase. Only the unconditional and immediate fulfillment of all people’s demands is a guarantee that the situation in the country will return in a peaceful course.

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