UDAR MPs receive text messages with threats, fake information is spread

22.01.2014 12:28

Authorities who are shooting at people in the streets, are threatening members of Parliament of UDAR faction.

In particular, tonight majority of UDAR parliament faction received text messages with threats. They were sent from unknown numbers with promising physical intimidation against the MPs.

"The government , instead of the promised dialogue with the opposition and Maidan representatives concerning peaceful resolution of the political crisis in Ukraine, has taken on to direct threats and use of force against citizens", deputy head of UDAR Vitaliy Kovalchuk said.

Also, false information is spread that some of the MPs who coordinate activities of the protesters at Maidan have their property arrested. They some media spread lies that their accounts have been arrested, where funds for EuroMaidan and AutoMaidan are collected.

Kovalchuk believes that the government should finally realize that neither shooting at people, nor intimidation, nor harassment and blackmailing cannot stop the protests. Such steps of authorities can only raise more waves of protest and lead to a civil conflict. "We call on the government of Yanukovych to stop destabilizing the situation in Ukraine", Vitaliy Kovalchuk said.

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