Klitschko: If Yanukovych does not make a step forward, we will take the offensive

22.01.2014 19:21

Today we will protect the square and do everything to prevent its dispersal. And if the President does not hear us, tomorrow we will take the offensive, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said from the stage of Maidan.

He called on the President Yanukovych. "I know that at this moment he is watching the broadcast. You may resolve this issue. Early elections will change the situation without blood. We will do everything to achieve this. Listen to the People!", the UDAR leader stressed.

Vitali Klitschko told that today's talks with Yanukovych showed that the current President has no desire to resolve the situation. "We asked whether he is considering the possibility to hold early elections to change the power. No answer. Will the Cabinet resign? Perhaps, but it should be discussed at the next parliamentary session and the Party of Regions should consider it", the politician told.

Klitschko also promised to do everything to prevent further bloodshed and deaths of peaceful activists.

"I am here at the square with every one of you. If we have to stand, I will stand. If we have to fight, I will fight. Many people say: “Vitali, we rely on you”. I will do everything that depends on me, to avoid further bloodshed and find a way to solve this situation. I will defend the interests of the people and the country. I want to live in a modern European country, like many of you. Tomorrow there will be more of us, and we will win", the leader of UDAR said.

He also called on security forces to move to the side of the people and not to use weapons against civilians. "You have to protect your people and not to use weapons against your own people. I guarantee protection to everyone who moves to the side of people!", Klitschko called on the police.


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