Klitschko calls on Ukrainians to go out on warning strike tomorrow

22.01.2014 20:29

“I urge everyone to go out tomorrow afternoon to the warning strike. Express your support to the Maidan, and protest against the government, who declared war on the people, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said at the stage of Maidan.

"We are preparing a nationwide strike, when the whole country will rise and say that we do not want to live and work in these lawless circumstances, under this government. We will boycott this government. I appeal to all Ukrainians. Tomorrow afternoon we are having the second round of negotiations with the president. At 12.00 we begin a preventive strike. Leave your work for 30 or 60 minutes. Go to you town or district administrations. Express peaceful resistance to this government to show that there are many of us", Klitschko appealed to the Ukrainians.

He urged everyone to spread information about the strike among friends and acquaintances. "It is important to show this government that we do not want to play by their rules. Call your friends and ask them to join. Maidan is here, the strike is in the cities and towns", Klitschko pointed out.

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