Klitschko: “I arrived at the Presidential Administration. It turned out that the talks have been postponed by 15.00”

23.01.2014 13:29

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko, who stopped the confrontation in Hroshevskoho Street today, insists on relevant steps from the government’s side. They are to release of detained activists and AutoMaidan participants, and not to take injured protesters from hospitals to the district police stations by force, Klitschko said at the Presidential Administration.

"Today I spoke to riot police and protesters in Hrushevskoho Street. I urged them to cease active actions for the talks period. It is calm there. I am sure if the authorities are really set to negotiate, they have to take certain steps. First and foremost, stop terror against activists”, Klitschko said. “Today, people’s car get crashed, the most active protesters are beaten and kidnapped, the injured taken from hospitals to the police stations. This must be stopped immediately", UDAR leader said commenting to journalists.

When Klitschko came to the talks, it turned out that the negotiations are postponed until 15.00. Still, the appointment needs to be confirmed.

Initially, the negotiations were scheduled for 13:00, then they were postponed an hour later.

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